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Post by Admin on Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:40 am

What it is? CT means Camel Toe, and its not joke.

Full title means: Camel Toe Virtual Sex Experience v.4 and it is made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2

Works as mp3 for listening or as audio talisman.

The audio is made upon these Audio Spells:

- Real Sex Project 777: – sexual fulfilment, – when user watch video/pictures/live broadcast (there would be also men, but it will focus on women) with women, he will likely participate and experience these women on videos/pics/broadcasts like in real life, and will receive „free xxx sex”. The idea in this is to in help of this sigil get almost real life experience – so there will be no much difference between watching girls on PC/Tablet/Phone and in real life. Like the virtual sex, or so. But also giving like „free sex time (for which people pay hard money on sex cams websites) and also giving „free sex”. – last add-on is: that each mp3/AT made with it, if used in public places/or before go out to public places, will also giving more chances for getting laid, or get a girlfriend. So it also creating kind of sexual fulfilment like by watching videos/pics a end user participate in like-a-real sex – also other people would see the user as he really got sex with so many women, and it would additionally make some women even more horny and curious about end user of the Mp3s/Ats/creations made with this Sigil. It also is for creating like „energetic sexual experience on distance” – and as result it will be mostly these two things: – sexual fulfilment (in wide conext), – speed up sexual attraction, which can end as getting laid, getting new girlfriend, occasional sex, etc etc., – kind of energetic sex at distance, – slight protection, so user will not overload with negative energies from targets (targets: girls from vids/jpgs/braodcasts) – or eventually get only the positive things, energies for better sexual fulfilment in mind conext and in real physical life. So it giving: – sense of sexual fulfilment, – sense like I got sex with many women (so other women also find me very attractive), – sense of peace of mind, sexual release of tension, makes man feels well and happy, – also it gives a lots of free sex time (yes, again  (the time for which other guys pay on sex cams). It also supports making money as well (that’s importnat I think). Like’a super money grandsynchronicities and sex energies. There is second layer for money grand synchronicities.)

- Virtual GF for Energy Exchange (Making Virtual Succubies/Girlfriends for sexual energy exchange and sexual experiences with different women, one or many at once in help of Item Charger Device for creating physcial objects – wear magical object near body: giving: sex time (the same that people pay on sex cams), vivid sexual images, visualizations, feelings, pleasure – only positive ones, that creating positive synchronizations – and all these accoring to the up to 5 pictures put on top of this sigil, which lays on Item Charger device – so its programmed with up to 5 pics of women  for creating virtual girlfriends objects – and yes, other people or women tends to see this unconsciously as user has a lots of girlfirends, etc etc – and yes, 3 additional sigils/energies are allowed, so it can be optimized for something else, from intuition, thru attract money or so, so these three sigils will give kind of character to “new virtual girlfirend-object-succubie”, but this succubie that draw energy, but always learn user something, so its like PerfectSpiritualNypmh. Important is that this Energy making a virtual copy of only the positive energies of these women, woman and instead of disturb the space/energy fields of different women, enjoying the all above is safe environment of succubie created upon energy of these women/woman, I think it is better, kind of virtual copy, which will be also enhanced with energy from sigils, or pentacles, like 3rd sun or 2nd venus, images/pics. I could imagine that it sounds crazy. It also works as well with other stuff, like mp3s and audio talismans, There is also the possibility to creating „magic dolls” like the ones that can be treaten as virtual friends, sex-mates, etc – so I thought, it would be very cool option for many people, to having like this physcial represtantion of virtual girlfriend, AND YES, to NOT making the users getting into ISOLATION, it ALSO draw to him women, like for getting laid, or new girlfirends, in real physcial world.)

- Virtual GF - (VirtualGirlFriend (live female egregore which appear as idea girl/soulamte of user) giving him sex time (the one which guys pays at sex cams), giving him sense of not being alone, so it erase feelings of loneliness, making sex with him only in save periods of time (visuals, speaking thru heart, feelings of joy and sexual satisfation), being his best friend – and the best part of it, she also challnnenge him to: take care of him self, being a better man, improve himself – she appear as his ideal girlfreind and it would change from time to time. She also talk with him (thru heart area, so it safe, and not produce mind’s voices, or chatter minds) She constantly attracting and somehow manifesting for him an good girlfreind in real physcial life. When user want sex just lay down with SilentAudioTalisman or listen it via headphones, and just speak to her thru own heart: “I want sex now”.)

- YHWH Sexual Satisfaction - (Yahweh Sexual Satisfaction & Excitement. General excitement vs. Motivation. Seeing possibilities and fire up motivation to achieve goals. Become master of own motivations. Mix of sexual excitement and general excitement that lead to run into activities – it also attract/affect different parts of the brain, and is related to excited motivation, willingly achieving something, with easy, effortlessly, also with kind of removing or not seeing worrying, complaining, etc etc.)

And the for Camel Toe there are encoded into this Mp3 10 Camel Toe most amazing and beautiful pictures that not only appear as mind's imagination/visualization; but also work together with above Audio Spells and act as Virtual Girlfriend - it may gives the user awesome attraction and kind of "sexual shock" which appear on some woman's faces. It (the VirtualGF) can also act as virtual mate and can give some sexual pleasure.

The mp3s pack is made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 so it can give deep going effects and the end result may happen quickly - much faster then with other types of Silent Bliss Engine except Hypnotis v.1.

Please use it on your own responsibility and don't treat as a Toy, better use it as tool; and don't listen/use as audio talisman during the activities that requires your full attention.

It's rather piece of art - made upon request - kind of tool that can lead to break free from some conventions and open up for new possibilities or points of view.

There are three mp3s: 27x, 81x and 127x which is additionally enhanced with Attraction Engine V1.
Each mp3 is 2:14 minutes long. Can be listen at low volume.

$19 at website it will be $29

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