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3rd Eye (Anja) Chakra Cleansing and Healing

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3rd Eye (Anja) Chakra Cleansing and Healing

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:51 pm

Hey Guys,

new healing and cleansing mp3 (and at the same time can be used as audio talisman).

3rd Eye Chakra is related to:

- consciousenss
- Astral Projection
- Intuition
- Mysticism

This audio based upon cleansing frequency of 3rd Eye Chakra (Anja Chakra).

It is healing and balancing mp3 package - it is not for full awake of this Chakra and it's psi abilities,

for sure balancing and healing will improve functionality of this Chakra and directly lead to enhance "magical psi abilities and spiritual, psychic powers, thinking processes".

This Chakra which is responsible for:

Physical dysfunction: brain tumors, strokes, blindness, defness, seizures, learning disabilities, spinal dysfunction, pani and depression.

Mental and emotional: fear of the truth, discipline, judgment, evaluation, emotional intelligence, concept of reality or confusion.

The mp3 is charged with these audio spells:

- Balance and Harmony
- Chakra Balancing
- Detox mind and body
- Ferocious Focus
- No Guilt, No Shame
- Titanic Health
- YHWH Brain and Digestive Health
- YHWH Health
- YHWH Immortality v.2
- Total Balance

The mp3 package has these "x" power versions:

- 5x
- 15x
- 25x
- 40x
- 60x
- 90x
- 140x
- 190x
- 240x

5x up to 40x is most beneficial for people which are sensitive to energy. Above 60x is good for those who are less sensitive to energy

Please don't use it as TOY, and use it on your own responsibility. Start with less powerful (lowest "x" powers) then go for more power after some time. Brain must accustom to it - listening/using as audio talisman - the mp3 files taged as a lot's of power. for example 300x - is not good idea. Please start with 5x or 15x - after about 1 week try 40x or stay at 25x.

There is special cleansing 3rd Eye Chakra frequency - just by listening to this frequency itself - the resonance of start to physically affect this chakra and stimulate it within 20-40 minutes - after charging and enhancing it with Audio Spells - the effects appear much faster then without - dependently from sensitiveness it can be 10-30 minutes.

Listening or using as audio talisman at regular basis guarantee more permanent effect. People don't overdose - it's important chakra - in case you will overload, the slight headache may appear - in this case listen/use to it for about 30% less time than usually.

Forum pre-release discount $19 and it will be $29 at website.

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