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For the certain period of time there is FREE bonus to each order of World Peace Project

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For the certain period of time there is FREE bonus to each order of World Peace Project

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:24 am

First client of received MEGA PACK of World Peace Pack.
Oh, received, shipping at Monday, Tuesday.

2x more stones then order.
God's Sand
1 Freebie Gem
0,016 lbs Cuckooflower seeds charged with Immortality

Regardless this, the areas where I leave God's Name stones and sand seems to be visited more often by birds. Birds are known as Heavenly Creatures [whatever Enki EA meaning by this].

World Peace Project is for brighten the aura of the Planet Earth. Every small stone charged by positive energy of ANKH can rise a very bit the overall energy of the Planet. If you have Orgonite Pyramid made by Orgonise Africa - charging with ANKH Energy (only this energy in this offer) get for $9 till end of APRIL 2016. It can be another orgonite pyramid not necessary by Orgonise Africa. And only ANKH energy, which has been firstly localized at Atlantis. If previously from Nibiru don't know at all. Was sacred symbol at Atlantis.
For charging remotelly with another energies check:
In this offer ONLY ANKH energy is AVAILABLE (or eventually if you wish DEAD SEA SCROLLS GOD's NAME).
But the God's Name - slightly repel "god of money" - so ANKH could be much more recommended.


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